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The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your home. It’s the space where the family and friends come together to share food and enjoy great company. Having a functional kitchen isn’t about the viability of cooking meals; instead, it’s about sharing quality time with friends and family and making vivid memories that last a lifetime.

At NJ Reliable Group, our Kitchen remodel NJ services are focused on helping homeowners design/build the perfect kitchen of their dreams. Our expert designers and technicians work with you, allowing you to reimagine the space and create a kitchen that isn’t just optimum for cooking purposes but has all amenities you need to share quality time with your family and friends. Our expert Kitchen remodel NJ team has helped hundreds of homeowners across NJ design the most elegant and enchanting kitchens, and we are ready to help you achieve the same.

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Kitchen Remodel New Jersey Experts!

NJ Reliable Group is a trusted kitchen remodel New Jersey contractor offering homeowners affordable and consistent kitchen remodeling services. Our full-service kitchen remodeling and renovations services help homeowners manage all facets of kitchen remodeling.

As a leading kitchen remodel New Jersey service provider, we have a highly qualified and professionally trained team of designers, project managers, and technicians who ensure that your kitchen is transformed into a work of art. Our range of kitchen remodel New Jersey services includes exquisite wood cabinetry installation, enchanting quartz & granite countertops, and elegant flooring options that add beauty, enjoyment, and value to your home.

At NJ Reliable Group, we have stunning kitchen design ideas and the highest quality products to transform your dream kitchen into reality. Our vast range of exclusive kitchen products is sourced from leading US and international manufacturers, including countertops, floorings, cabinets, accents, and much more that add to the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

Our kitchen remodel New Jersey services plans are affordable and priced to meet all homeowners’ requirements. Our custom pricing plans, free estimates, and a detailed overview of expected outcomes enable homeowners to choose the best remodeling services within their budget.

Hiring a Design/Build kitchen remodeling NJ vs. General Contractor – What’s the difference?

If you are looking for a successful kitchen remodeling NJ job, hiring the right design/build contractor who understands the process is the most crucial decision you will make!

When you hire a full-service kitchen remodel contractor, you get to work with the same company and people throughout the remodeling or renovation process (from the planning phase to the completion). On the other hand, the general contractor doesn’t offer full-service kitchen remodeling/building services; instead, they hire trade partners to complete different aspects of the project. This means that you will most likely end up communicating and trusting multiple contractors, which often leads to project delays, increased costs, and miscommunication.

At NJ Reliable Group, we are a full-service design/build kitchen remodeling NJ contractor. Our in-house team of designers, strategists, project managers, procurement specialists, and installers ensure that there are no delays, cost spikes, or miscommunication during the project deliverance. All our staff is meticulously trained to offer helpful, courteous, and superior technical and customer support service to ensure complete client satisfaction. No matter the kitchen size or project scope, we got the experience, resources, and expertise to transform your kitchen into a place you cherish and make memories.

Why make Kitchen renovations to your NJ Home?

Kitchen renovations are a vital part of any home uplift project and are undertaken for a variety of reasons. For most homeowners, kitchen renovation in NJ is part of their dream to have a spacious and functional space for family and friends. For others, kitchen renovations are meant to add aesthetics to overall home décor, and some still prefer kitchen renovation to add value to their homes. Below are some of the most common reasons people lookout for expert kitchen remodelers:

–         Improved Functionality:

An efficient and well-planned kitchen renovation project like installing a second sink or redesigning the sitting space is meant to improve the kitchen’s functionality to serve family needs.

–         Updated Aesthetics:

Adding new floorings, exquisite countertops, or branded cabinetry makes a massive difference to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. With NJ Reliable Group, you can choose from a wide range of our exclusive kitchen upgrade inventory to beautify your kitchen.

–         High Return on Investment:

Besides aesthetics and functionality, kitchen remodeling is also preferred to increase a property’s resale value. According to statistics, the state of your kitchen and bathroom significantly impacts the final resale value of your home. That’s why many homeowners prefer to go ahead with kitchen remodeling and renovation services.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from Expert Kitchen Remodelers!

NJ Reliable Group kitchen remodeling services are all about enabling homeowners to achieve their dream kitchens. When you hire us as your preferred kitchen remodeler contractor, we ensure that you are aware of all the latest styles trending in the industry. Our expert designers take you through the range of options available for kitchen remodeling, including countertop options, flooring options, worktop options, sink options, and much more. We also help you reimagine the kitchen space with our interactive concept designs. This help homeowners to realize their kitchen space after remodeling, thereby assisting them in making well-informed decisions. 

Expert Kitchen Remodeler New Jersey!

The key to a successful kitchen remodeling project lies in effective layout planning. NJ Reliable Group’s comprehensive design process enables homeowners to get each and every detail of their kitchen on point. Whether it’s about storage or appliance placement, our designers work with you to create the most effective, detailed, intuitive kitchen remodel designs that focus on style, functionality, and technology – all at highly competitive pricing.

You can also visit our office to get inspired by design ideas. During your visit, our designers and strategists will understand your needs and help you reimagine the kitchen space that fulfills your functionality and aesthetic requirement at the most affordable pricing.

What’s the cost of a kitchen remodel project?

Honestly, it may be difficult to give out a definite price for a kitchen remodeling project since it depends on various factors. The size, complexity, scope, and choice of material all influence the final cost of a kitchen remodeling or renovation project.

While it may be difficult for us to give you a definite cost at this stage, we do offer our clients a free no-obligation quotation before commencing work. The quotation is only prepared after we have the complete realization of the project’s scope and the designs that the client prefers to work with.

NJ Reliable Group – Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

Over the years, we have developed seamless work processes to ensure fast, consistent, and hassle-free services to clients. Here’re brief details about our kitchen remodeling process:

Initial Consultation: 

We understand the importance of having an effective and functional kitchen design. That’s is why we prefer to arrange your meeting with our designer. This initial meeting is all about understanding your aspirations and requirements for kitchen remodeling projects. During the meeting, our project managers and designers will understand the project scope and give you expert recommendations based on their extensive experience. 

During the meeting, our designer will also show you the complete inventory of kitchen remodeling equipment available with us. We will also discuss possible budgets and try to converge any differences between your budget restraints and remodeling expectations. At the end of the meeting, we will have complete knowledge of work requirements, whereas you will have a fair estimate of expected costs and kitchen design.

Design Phase:

–         Home Visit

Once the project is boarded, our designer will conduct your home survey to inspect and evaluate the space, take necessary measurements, and make any notes to achieve the aesthetic goals of the project. The input from the inspection survey will be used to come up with a viable and functional design concept to transform your kitchen space.

–         Product Selection

Next, our designers will take you through the detailed inventory of premium kitchen products available at our showroom. As a premium kitchen remodeling contractor, we maintain an extensive inventory of the highest-quality and stunning kitchen products from national and international manufacturers. Our designer and installers will help you choose each item with extreme care, keeping in view the finalized design, the overall home décor, and your aesthetic requirements. 

–         Planning

Once the products have been selected, we will develop an interactive 3D model of the kitchen design to help you experience the project’s outcome before even commencing the work. This will help you make any necessary changes required and avoid complications during the mid-project.

–         Construction Phase:

Once all the kitchen remodel plans and designs are approved, we will move on with the construction phase to initiate the magnificent transformation of your kitchen! Our experienced and expert installers will start by obtaining any necessary permits or licenses required from relevant departments. Also, the selected materials will be procured while we create a roadmap for the construction and installation work. We will give realistic deadlines and consistent coordination to ensure you stay updated with the work status. 

Our state-of-the-art tools, experienced craftsmen, and a well-integrated construction process ensures that there is a minimum hassle during the construction phase and that the work does not impact your routine home activities. Our expert craftsmen and installers pay careful attention to every detail and ensure we deliver you a stunning kitchen space at the end of the project. 

–         Final Inspection: 

Quality and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business philosophy. Once the project is successfully finished, our designer and project manager will inspect your kitchen to assess the quality of work. We will ensure that each detail of the design is achieved with zero compromises and to your utmost satisfaction.

NJ Reliable Group – Transforming your Dream Kitchen into Reality!

Any successful kitchen remodeling project includes a variety of elements, which must be made to work in harmony to come up with exquisite results. At NJ Reliable Group, we are one of the most trusted and preferred full-service Kitchen remodel contractors, assisting homeowners to finally have the kitchens of their dreams. We have consistently met and exceeded clients’ expectations for kitchen remodeling services and are ready to transform your kitchen!

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