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We are builders of quality homes, and also provide other services including, but not limited to as additions, rennovations, roofing, siding and masonry.

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Whether you are looking for home renovation, remodeling, damage fixing, or new home construction,

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at NJ Reliable Group, we are your trusted local New Home Construction in NJ contractors helping you through every step of the way.

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The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your home. It’s the space where the family and friends come together to share food and enjoy great company.


Having a functional kitchen isn’t about the viability of cooking meals; instead, it’s about sharing quality time with friends and family and making vivid memories that last a lifetime.

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NJ Reliable Group is a licensed bathroom remodeling NJ contractor offering reliable and affordable solutions for bathroom renovation NJ projects.


Our experienced designers and technicians can help you vastly improve the functionality and feel of the bathroom with expert planning and novel remodeling ideas.

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Additions & rennovations

Looking to add beautification to your home? At NJ Reliable group, we offer homeowners in NJ the best opportunity to

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add value to their homes by enhancing the comfort, style, and elegance with our home remodeling services.

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Here are just a few examples of the our recent developments in the field of construction. Do you have any specific questions about these or other topics related to construction?


Our Core Values

Our values are based on honesty and integrity.  We treat our customers’ homes as if they we our own and take pride in our work.

Our Home Owners Say

“Wilson and crew were on time, efficient and great clean up.highly recommened and will use in the future.Sue Kinnelon NJ.”

Susan Kievit • NEW HOME OWNER

“Amazing job on our roof, gutter and bathroom remodel. Hardworking crew and excellent workmanship. On time, great cleanup value and quality job. Highly recommend.”


“Extremely Satisfied with NJ Reliable Group!!!! I have had several projects completed at my house using their services and they always deliver 100%. Wilson takes the time to work with you and provides valuable advice from his experience. They are always on time and make sure attention to detail is not skipped.”

Giovanni Silva • HOME OWNER

“Wilson, Jamie and their crew were excellent. They were reliable, neat, friendly and did an amazing job on my roof, especially in an area that was completely damaged.”

K Donovan

Latest News

  1. Increasing demand for single-family homes: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for single-family homes as people look for more space to live and work.
  2. Shortages of building materials and labor: There have been widespread shortages of materials such as lumber and concrete, as well as a shortage of skilled labor, which has led to rising construction costs and delays.
  3. Energy efficiency: There has been a push to build homes that are more energy efficient, through the use of insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and renewable energy sources such as solar panels.
  4. Aging infrastructure: Many older homes are in need of repair or updating to meet modern standards, and there has been a focus on renovating and modernizing these homes to improve their energy efficiency and overall performance.
  5. Affordability: The high cost of housing has been a major concern in many areas, and there has been a focus on developing innovative solutions to make home ownership more affordable.

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building inspiring spaces

Building inspiring spaces to live can be a rewarding and fulfilling task. There are many different approaches to designing and building spaces that are functional.


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